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Project Overview
What will the Project involve?

The site is bound by Rosenthal Avenue, Rosenthal Lane, Birdwood Avenue and Birdwood Lane. Prior to construction it held 170 surface level car parking spaces.

The Project is transforming the site to provide:

  • A state of the art public open space including parks, performance space and BBQ facilities at ground level
  • Four underground levels providing 500 car parking spaces
  • Bicycle parking for including end of trip facilities
  • Motorcycle parking
  • Two anchor tenants, ALDI and Coles, situated under the public open space.
  • A pedestrian bridge over Rosenthal Avenue, including lift and stairs located on the western side of Rosenthal Avenue
  • Upgrade to Rosenthal Avenue, Rosenthal Lane, and Birdwood Lane infrastructure
  • An improved trafficable shared pedestrian zone for Birdwood Lane to provide level access to Birdwood Lane and Lane Cove Plaza

In order to achieve this we have fully excavated the site by digging down four levels. Work on the open space at ground level will not be possible until the car park is completed however there are plans for the project to be undertaken in a staged process to ensure as much car parking as possible is available during construction.

History of the Project

In 2008 Lane Cove Council adopted the Lane Cove Village Structure Plan. The Plan sets out the long term vision for how the Village should evolve over the coming decades and was developed following extensive research and community consultation. The Structure Plan recommendations include to:

  • Create an outdoor public domain between Rosenthal Avenue and Birdwood Lane.
  • Encourage a mix of uses on this site
  • Integrate the precinct with retail uses to the east and south
  • Provide anchor tenants to support specialty retailers
  • Improve and enhance the public domain.

In 2014 Council held a Design Ideas Competition to help identify the features of the new open space/park. Several concepts were proposed by design firms to help prompt feedback on the popular aspects that could be integrated into a vision for the Project.

Council is proud of its role in developing and protecting Lane Cove’s village atmosphere, in particular, Lane Cove Plaza. With ever increasing competition from neighbouring shopping centres, Council is working to support the viability of local shopping areas whilst preserving the unique atmosphere that is so valued by the community. The redevelopment of the Rosenthal Avenue Car Park site for open space, community, retail and additional car parking is an example of this commitment to delivering new infrastructure to support the village of Lane Cove.

Who approved the development ?

All documentation related to the project has been provided to the appropriate parties for review and approval. The NSW Government Joint Regional Panning Panel is responsible for determining the Development Applications for the project.

About the Construction
Who is ADCO Constructions?

ADCO have been appointed by Council as the design and construction builders for The Canopy.

ADCO is a leading national construction company that has successfully delivered projects across Australia. ADCO was established in 1972 and since this time has completed over 3,500 projects valued at over of $10 billion. With annual revenues in excess of $1 billion and 580 direct employees ADCO is rated as one of Australia’s top 50 private companies.

Where can I find out the latest about Construction?

The most up to date information including Construction Notifications can be found under the News and Updates section. If you would like to receive the latest project information as it becomes available, please sign up to receive Project Updates. Keep an eye out for wayfinding signage around the Lane Cove Village which also provides updates on significant project milestones.

Find the latest information under News and Updates.

Community & Business
How will the community benefit from the Project?
  • Lane Cove is growing. The provision of open space in the heart of Lane Cove village will help provide space for those who live locally to the precinct to have a local park as well as an open space that builds upon the village as a meeting place for events and civic activities.
  • Locals will have access to 500 underground car park spaces which will be constructed through the project. The new spaces will be almost a 300% increase on the 170 spaces of the previous car park. By accommodating the spaces underground there is significant improvement to the visual amenity of the area.
  • The development will activate both Birdwood Lane and Rosenthal Lane improving the appearance of the space and creating an attractive and inviting community space
  • The development will provide better pedestrian linkages from nearby laneways, arcades and Lane Cove Plaza to Rosenthal Avenue, Birdwood Lane and the new parking facilities.
  • Based at the northern end of the village, the presence of Coles and ALDI in the redevelopment marks a new era for Lane Cove residents who will have a comprehensive supermarket offering, making shopping locally for weekly items even easier.
  • The Park will link to the Plaza helping to retain the village atmosphere, offering additional reasons for visitation and keeping services, businesses and community activities in the heart of the Village.
What happened to the information provided to Council from workshops and surveys in 2016?

The response to both the workshops and surveys were very valuable, and the information led to the following initiatives being endorsed by Council:

  • Retention of as many car parking spaces as possible during the initial part of the construction (65 spaces were provided at an additional cost) and fast-tracking of the staged provision of the 500 public car parking spaces by completion of the project in 2020
  • A campaign to change parking habits and promote alternative parking options
  • Provision of way-finding signage to assist pedestrian and vehicle navigation through the Village
  • Offering retail support and development activities to offset construction impacts.

Additional insights gained during the project development are also being addressed through Project communication as well as a range of activation activities during the course of the construction period.

Council also established The Canopy Community Liaison Group which includes representatives from the local community, businesses and landowners. The group continues to meet during throughout the Project.

How will local businesses be supported during the construction period?

Lane Cove Council has been providing support to local businesses who wish to prepare for the construction impact, particularly with emphasis placed on the lead up to Christmas 2017. In addition to one on one support from business experts which was provided to interested businesses, Council continued to work closely with a number of businesses in the immediate vicinity of the site to provide specialised support. Council continues to promote a number of initiatives through its Love Where You Shop program and in 2019 launched Shop Local Gift Card to promote local businesses.

A number of tools such as way-finding, maps for clients and improvements to the local amenity have been identified through consultation with businesses and The Canopy Community Liaison Group. Support activities will be tailored to the various stages of the construction period and complement Lane Cove’s busy event series in and around the Village.

Find out the latest business support initiatives here.

Are there any leasing opportunities available on the project ?

Leasing opportunities are available for suitably qualified and experienced tenants for the food and beverage speciality retail tenancies on the park level.
Precinct Retail and Oxford Agency have been appointed as the leasing agents for these tenancies. Please direct all leasing enquiries to:

M: +61 401 718 152

M: +61 403 347 111

M: +61 423 263 995

M: +61 406 558 855

Changes to Parking and deliveries
Will parking arrangements change?

Yes. Council understands the constraints on parking with the Village which is why The Canopy is set to increase parking from 170 previous spaces to 500 spaces in 2020.

Council has been working with ADCO Constructions (ADCO) the Design and Construction Builder to retain as many spaces as possible during construction. This involved retention of half of the previous car park site during the initial months of construction; provision of business parking elsewhere in the village; and the introduction of a temporary car park via Birdwood Lane from April 2019. ADCO have been tasked with fast-tracking the staged provision of the car parking spaces as they become available in the lead up to the Project’s completion 2020.

Stages 4 is currently underway as we work towards delivering the full 500 spaces on time by the middle of next year.

  • Stage 4 –The Canopy carpark is open for use, with over 410+ parking spaces available throughout levels P2-4. Construction is still underway throughout various areas of the building. Use of the entire car park will be available at handover of the project in mid 2020..

ADCO will keep you informed of construction activities and the impact on parking and pedestrian access.

I live or work in a building adjacent to the building site. Will I still be able to get deliveries or my bin collected?

Access to Birdwood and Rosenthal Laneways will be maintained throughout construction unless otherwise notified.
In early 2020, the laneways will be closed to vehicles as we work to upgrade the infrastructure and paving in the lanes. ADCO will liaise with the adjacent businesses to coordinate deliveries and garbage removal to ensure access to services are maintained.

Council understands the constraints for local businesses during the construction period concerning both deliveries and garbage removal. ADCO will be liaising with landlords and tenants throughout construction to keep everyone informed of access arrangements.

What about parking for seniors and people with a disability?

Council has produced a map to help locate alternate disabled parking spaces as well as added additional on-ground signage to help identify Seniors Parking spaces in Little Street and Coles Car Parks. The Canopy car park has designated parking spaces for accessible, seniors, and parents with prams parking.

Will the Coles car park stay open during construction?

This is a Lane Cove Council Car Park and will remain available for parking during the construction period.

Amenities & Access
Will services be disrupted?

ADCO Constructions will provide regular and consistent communication to provide early warning of any issues that have the potential to impact the adjoining properties.

Notifications of Impacting Activity (NIA) for works that may cause some temporary impact on services or operations of adjoining properties will be issued and information available on the Rosenthal Project website/hot line.

How will the extra construction traffic be managed?

ADCO have developed a Construction, Pedestrian and Traffic Management Plan to control and monitor the change in traffic produced by the project.

Accredited traffic control teams will efficiently manage and direct construction traffic to their permitted routes. The roadways encasing the project will remain accessible, with minimal disruptions to neighbouring properties and road users. Construction vehicle activity, including the loading/unloading of trucks and all materials handling to be provided within the construction site boundaries or within the proposed works zones (if required) at all times.

Council is exploring further traffic modifications to alleviate disruptions and major influences to the traffic flow.

I walk through the car park to get to where I need to go. What will happen once the car park is developed?

Birdwood and Rosenthal Lanes are a shared zone for the full length of the laneway providing improved pedestrian access. During construction, the alternatives for the main pedestrian routes will be clearly signposted and once the project is complete there will be improved pathways and connectivity through a pedestrian footbridge over Rosenthal Avenue. Birdwood and Rosenthal Lanes will continue to be a shared pedestrian/vehicle zone when the project is completed.

Will any existing trees be removed as part of the project?

Yes. The existing trees have been removed to facilitate the construction. The final park will include more trees than are currently on-site.

Council has also been working to find alternate opportunities for the trees being removed including play equipment, street furniture and/or points of interest.

We are currently growing 45+ mature sized trees and will soon commence growing a further 80+ smaller sized trees in time for the project’s completion.

Find out more about Trees in the Park .

Are there any changes to public transport routes?

The construction works are not expected to impact existing bus services near the site, including bus stops on Birdwood Avenue, Burns Bay Road, Longueville Road and Epping Road.

Will there be any road closures?

Birdwood and Rosenthal Laneways will be accessible throughout construction. Where required traffic management staff will be in place to help provide access. ADCO will aim to complete all construction works within the site boundaries and approved working hours, however in some instances such when install the pedestrian bridge and the rock wall at the northern end of the site, and the re-paving of Birdwood and Rosenthal Lanes, there will be a requirement for temporary road closures. In these instances, traffic management staff will be employed and adequate signage implemented to alleviate disruptions.

Out of Hours Works

Anticipated out of hours works to be undertaken during construction include:

  • Operation of continuous or intermittent environmental monitoring such as dust and noise sampling equipment.
  • Concrete pours that need to be completed to prevent waste and re-working.
  • Service installation works and cut-overs during temporary utility shutdowns during off peak periods.
  • Delivery to site, and removal from site, of over-sized plant and equipment to conform to RMS requirements.
How will Noise and Air quality be managed?

Audible site works will be restricted to between 7am and 5:30pm, Monday to Friday and 7am to 4:00pm Saturday.

Mitigation measures will be implemented during site works, through a monitoring program that enables control of the impacts of construction activities on potentially affected receivers, and contingency measures that may be implemented if complaints are received or limits are exceeded. Any concerns please contact ADCO