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Parking on Rosenthal Avenue set to change

Parking conditions in Rosenthal Avenue are set to change. Construction of the Rosenthal Project means that the road alignment and parking conditions on both sides of Rosenthal Avenue will soon permanently change.

What are the parking changes?

Rosenthal Avenue is to slightly change its alignment and will become a two lane carriageway without parking on either side. Both sides of Rosenthal Avenue adjacent to the old Rosenthal Avenue Car Park site will be signposted as “No Stopping”. Rosenthal Avenue between Finlayson Street and Birdwood Avenue will also be signposted as “No Stopping”. This will improve traffic flow along Rosenthal Avenue.

Additional Works

ADCO has also recently notified local residents and businesses that they will be undertaking stormwater works in Rosenthal Avenue and Rosenthal Lane in early November. This will mean temporary reduction in traffic laneway widths and may involve some traffic disruption from time to time. ADCO will do all they can to minimise any disruption.

View the Construction Notification.