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Rosenthal Project DA

February 2019

Council is aware that some members of the community have raised questions about the current Rosenthal Project Development Application. It may be of assistance that Council clarifies areas of interest within the application to ensure the community have access to consistent information.

Has the amount of retail space increased?

No. As part of the Design Ideas Competition back in 2014, Council made provision for the designs to include 1,000m2 of above-ground retail space. The original Concept Plan Development Application also allowed for 1,000m2. The current Development Application provides for 829m2 of retail space, inclusive of waste rooms to service the retail and surrounding areas which were not part of the original 1,000m2 of space. There is therefore a 17% reduction in overall retail space and we have been able to ensure waste amenities are included.

How will the laneway connections work? What has changed for the Atrium Arcade?

Birdwood Lane will provide an accessible, shared-zone laneway with dual frontage options for the new tenancies to assist with activating the laneway. The original Design Ideas Competition Outcome required various stairs between the laneway and the Park, effectively making them separate spaces. The original concept DA brought the laneway and park closer to the same levels, and envisaged a pedestrian connection between the laneway and park opposite each existing arcade without stairs. In the current DA the connection route opposite the Atrium Arcade has been deleted. The reason for the change is two-fold. Council’s intention is to provide medium to large retail spaces to support the intended restaurant tenancies. Through refining the design process it became apparent that the connection to this arcade would have resulted in two small tenancies that would be suitable only for café-style retail which would compete with the existing supply in Lane Cove. The second reason for the change as shown in the pictures below, is that the Atrium Arcade is clearly visible when exiting from the supermarket level escalators. The pedestrian desire line to access the Atrium Arcade will be to cross the laneway on a 45 degree angle, which is the shortest possible distance to the Arcade. Pedestrian would simply not utilise the original link proposed. It should be noted direct links are maintained to the other three arcades.

Indicative view from exiting escalators toward the Atrium Arcade providing the most direct pedestrian route to reach the arcade entry (depicted as the blue windows/doors to the right)

Indicative view from exiting Lift toward the Atrium Arcade providing the most direct pedestrian route to reach the arcade entry (depicted beyond the doors of the escalator as mirrored in the first figure)

Left hand side red arrow shows earlier/original location of pedestrian link through to directly in front of Atrium Arcade vs the current pedestrian link via the escalator

Will the new retail tenancies trade onto Birdwood Lane?

New laneway tenancies 1,3 and 5 will be able to trade on to the laneway, which will be activated by glass shop fronts and pedestrian linkages. This will create visual interest and providing direct interface with existing retail tenancies. Furthermore, Council has committed to repave Birdwood Lane from the frontage of the new tenancies to the existing developments located on the opposite side of Birdwood Lane. This will improve laneway amenity and enhance the pedestrian experience.

View down Birdwood Lane to the left

Artists' impression of dual frontage retail opportunities

What happened to the trees in Birdwood Lane shown in the design from the Design Ideas Competition back in 2014?

Unfortunately there are gas and stormwater services underneath the surface in the laneways, together with major high voltage electrical mains. These service all of Lane Cove Village, to the extent that there was no opportunity for deep soil planting for significant trees. As a result Council has had to remove that element of the original vision. The overall project will include more trees than within the original Rosenthal Avenue Car Park, there will however not be any in-ground planting on the laneway itself. Tenancies will be encouraged to include plants as part of their fit-out.

Is there less space on the village green?

No, the village green in the original Design Ideas Competition was approximately 1,344m2. The shape has changed slightly and actually increased to 1,396m2. The playground area on the western side of the Project has also increased in size and there continues to be the same amount of space for BBQ/informal gatherings at the northern end.

Next Steps

The Local Planning Panel will meet on Tuesday 5 March with the Agenda now available on Council’s website . This independent panel will review the report and submissions received by the public prior to determining the Development Application. Registered speakers are able to address the Panel with an open forum for those wishing to observe the meeting.